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Shape Guide


When on the hunt for the perfect tree, sometimes the shape of it matter. What something that will stand out from all the maples in your neighborhood? A pyramidal or spreading shaped tree will stand out from the pack.

Clump/Multi-stem :: Multiple trunk trees (also available in single stem)

Columnar :: Sides are more or less parrallel, taller than wide

Elliptical/Oval :: More tall than wide, widest branching at or near the middle

Horizontal :: Wide, sometime irregular in habit

Prostrate :: Low, spreading, almost weeping habit

Pyramidal :: Cone-shaped, broad at base, tapering to the top

Round :: About as wide as tall

Vase-Shaped :: Narrow at the base, widest branching at or near the top

Weeping :: Branches tend to extend downward



While we strive for complete and correct information, not all plants grow true to their form and can not be guaranteed to grow as described.


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