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Trees with Interesting Bark


Acer griseum (Paperbark Maple) :: Cinnamon-brown, exfoliating bark

Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple) :: Smooth gray bark with some varieties having red or brightly colored stems during the winter

Amelanchier (Serviceberry) :: Gray striped bark

Betula (Birch) :: White or cinnamon, exfoliating/peeling bark

Carpinus (Hornbeam) :: Steel-gray, smooth bark

Celtis (Hackberry) :: Gray bark with corky ridges

Cladrastis (Yellowwood) :: Smooth, gray bark, almost beech like

Cornus (Dogwood) :: Depends on the variety, some have branching with strong horizontal lines while others have alligator-hide bark

Corylus colurna (Turkish Filbert) :: Exfoliating bark, often in small, scaly plates

Fagus (Beech) :: Smooth, silver-gray bark

Gymnocladus (Kentucky Coffee Tree) :: Scaly gray-brown, with curving ridges

Malus (Crabapple) :: Small, scaly bark, often referred to as corn chip flakes

Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood) :: Reddish-brown bark that exfoliates in narrow strips as the tree ages

Nyssa (Black gum/Black Tupelo) :: ALmost black bark that forms thick ridges

Ostrya (Hophornbeam) :: Gray-brown exfoliating bark

Parrotia (Persion Parrotia/Persian Ironwood) :: Exfoliating bark with crea, green, gray, and brown coloring

Phellodendron (Cork Tree) :: Interesting corky bark with a yellowish color

Platnus x acerifolia (London Plane Tree) :: Cream to olive bark, very similar to Sycamore trees

Quercus acutissima (Sawtooth Oak) :: Deeply ridged bark, that has cory appearance

Taxodium (Bald Cypress) :: Reddish-brown bark that appears to be in narrow strips, similar to the Dawn Redwood

Ulmus parvifolia (Lacebark Elm) :: Exfoliating bark with gray, green, brown, and orange coloring

Zelkova :: Gray exfoliating bark that appears with age



While we strive for complete and accurate imformation, not all plants grow true to form and can not be guaranteed to grow as descriped.



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