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Hydrangea Guide


Hydrangea anomala :: Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangea vines produce lace cap style flowers once they are fully established and fairly mature. The leaves are either dark green or have a bit of a silver sheen. This lovely vine is a great addition for a traditional or cottage style garden. It will need a sturdy support system or brick wall to climb. We do nto recommend pruning your climbing hydrangea.

anomala petiolaris (Skyland Giant) :: 20' - large, white lace caps in June-July, lustrous green leaves
anomala p. (Climbing Hydrangea) :: 20-30' - fragrant and showy in early June, glossy dark green heart shaped foliage

Hydangea arborescens :: Smooth Hydrangea

An easy to grow, reliable blooming hydrangea. The Annabelle became a industry favorite for the large white flowers all summer long. Now we have several other varieties available with different blooms sizes and colors. These hydrangeas bloom on new wood so they can be cut back in the late winter or early spring.

arborescens 'Annabelle' (Annabelle) :: 4' tall x 6' wide - white ball shaped flowers
arborescens 'Abetwo' (Incrediball) :: 3-4' tall x 5' wide - improved 'Annabelle' with strong stems and larger flowers, slightly fragrant
arborescens 'NCHA1' (Invincibelle Spirit) :: 3-4' tall x 3-4' wide - smaller blooms than the other smooth hydrangeas, but that is ok because they are pink!

Hydrangea macrophylla :: Bigleaf/Mophead Hydrangeas

Bigleaf hydrangeas are the variety that comes to mind when people think hydrangeas Here at North Branch Nursery they are our most popular type. The large, colorful blooms are either mophead (full and round) or lace cap (large petals around the edges with smaller on the inside). The pH of the soil will affect the color of the blooms. The more acidic the soil the bluer the flowers.

macrophylla 'Paris Raba' (Cityline Paris) : 3' tall x 3' wide
macrophylla 'Ragra' (Cityline Rio) :: 3' tall x 3' wide
macrophylla 'Venice Raven' (Cityline Venice) :: 2' tall x 2' wide
macrophylla 'Bailmer' (Endless Summer) :: 3-5' tall x 3-5' wide
macrophylla 'Blushing Bride' (Blushing Bride Endless Summer) :: 4' tall x 4' wide
macrophylla 'P11HM-1 (Endless Summer Twist & Shout) :: 4' tall x 4' wide
macrophylla 'Bailday' (Light of Day) :: 3-5' tall x 3-5' wide
macrophylla 'Glowing Embers' (Glowing Embers) :: 4' tall x 4' wide
macrophylla 'Lemon Wave' (Lemon Wave) :: 3-4' tall x 3-4' wide
macrophylla 'Berner' (Let's Dance Big Easy) :: 3-4' tall x 4' wide
macrophylla 'SMHMTAU' (Let's Dance Blue Jangles) :: 3' tall x 3' wide
macrophylla 'Robert' (Let's Dance Rhapsody Blue) :: 3' tallx 3' wide
macrophylla ''Lynn' (Let's Dance Starlight) :: 3' tall x 3' wide
macrophylla 'Nigra' (Nigra) :: 3' tall x 3' wide
macrophylla 'Sadie Ray' (Sadie Ray) :: 3' tall x 3' wide

Hydrangea paniculata :: Panicle/Hardy Hydrangea

The paniculata hydrangeas are growing in popularity. The large, reliable blooms are perfect as a specimen plant or for mass plantings. Your neighbors, friends, and family will all be awe of the large white to pink blooms sparkling in the landscape all summer long. A huge plus, these hydrangeas all bloom on new wood so you can prune them in the early spring without worry.

paniculata 'ILVOBO' (Bobo) :: 3' tall x 3' wide
paniculata 'pp21' (Bombshell) :: 3-4' tall x 3-4' wide
paniculata 'Jane' (Little Lime) :: 3-4' tall x 3-4' wide
paniculata 'Little Lamb' (Little Lamb) :: 5-6' tall x 5-6' wide - also available in tree form
paniculata 'Limelight' (Limelight) :: 7-8' tall x 7-8' wide - also available in tree form
paniculata grandiflora 'Pee Gee' (Pee Gee) :: tree form only
paniculata 'Bulk' (Quickfire) :: 6-8' tall x 6-8' wide
paniculata 'Tardiva' (Tardiva) :: tree form only
paniculata 'Renhy' (Vanilla Strawberry) :: 6-7' tall x 5-6' wide

Hydrangea quercifolia :: Oakleaf Hydrangea

Truly unique hydrangeas. The oakleaf varieties offer fall and winter interest you just can't get with the others. The large, corrugated foliage makes a statement in the fall when it changes to vibrant maroon and red. During the winter months the exfoliating bark adds a textural touch against the mountains of snow. We recommend leaving the flower heads on during the winter for an extra touch of interest. The oakleaf varieties need little to no pruning, but will require protection from hungry rabbits and deer.

quercifolia (Oakleaf) :: 6' tall x 6' wide
quercifolia 'Alice' (Alice) :: 7-8' tall x 7-8' wide
quercifolia 'Pee Wee' (Pee Wee) :: 4' tall x 4' wide
quercifolia 'Ruby Slippers' (Ruby Slippers) :: 3-4' tall x 4-5' wide
quercifolia 'Sikes Dwarf' (Sikes Dwarf) :: 4' tall x 4' wide
quercifolia 'Snowflake' (Snowflake) :: 4-5' tall x 4-6' wide
querifolia 'Snow Queen' (Snow Queen) :: 7-10' tall x 6-8' wide

Hydrangea serrata :: Mountain Hydrangea

Hardier to cold climates than Hyd. macrophylla, the serrata varieties perform better after a harsh midwest winter. The blooms are just as showy, sometimes even larger than the mophead cousins. These hydrangas also have a great fall color ranging between shades of red and purple.

serrata 'Preziosa' (Preziosa) :: 4' tall x 4' wide
serrata 'MAK20' (Tuff Stuff) :: 3-4' tall x 3-4' wide


While we strive for complete and correct information, not all plants grow true to their form and can not be guaranteed to grow as described. Please call in or stop by to ask about our current availability of specific plant material. This list does not guarantee the plants mentioned are currently in stock or available for sale.



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