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Plants Tolerant of Deicing Salt in Soils

Parking lot islands and beds along busy roadways have unquie challenges, due to the salt build up that can occur in the beds after a long winter. Plants tolerant of salt in soils are excellent candidates for rain gardens and bioswales where runoff may be an issue.

Salt spray can also be a major factor in the health and performance of plants near roads, driveways, and parking lots. Plants marked with an * are tolerant both salt buildup in the soil and salt spray.

Perennials & Grasses
- Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle)
- Armeria (Sea Thrift)
- Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster' (Reed Grass)
- Dianthus (Pinks)
- Hemerocallis (Daylily)
- Miscanthus (Maiden Grass)
- Panicum (Switch Grass)
- Schizachyrium (Little Bluestem)
- Yucca (Yucca)

- Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima' (Brilliant Red Chokeberry)*
- Clethra alnifolia (Summersweet)*
- Cotoneaster species (Cotoneaster)
- Ilex verticillata (Winterberry)*
- Magnolia virginiana (Sweetbay Magnolia)
- Myrica pensylvania (Northern Bayberry)*
- Potentilla fruiticosa (Potentilla)*
- Physocarpus (Ninebark)*
- Rhus species (Sumac)*
- Sambucus canadensis (American Elderberry)
- Viburnum dentatum (Arrowwood Viburnum)*

- Euonymus fortunei cvs. (Winter Creeper)*
- Juniper conferta 'Blue Pacific' (Blue Pacific Juniper)*
- Liriope spicata (Creeping Lily Turf)

- Acer buergerianum (Trident Maple)
- Aesculus hippocastanum (Common Horsechesnut)
- Aesculus pavia (Red Buckeye)*
- Catalpa speciosa (Northern Catalpa)*
- Celtis occidentalis (Hackberry)
- Gleditsia (Honeylocust)*
- Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo)*
- Gymnocladus dioicus (Kentucky Coffeetree)*
- Koelreutaria paniculata (Goldenrain Tree)*
- Liquidambar styraciflua (Sweetgum)*
- Nyssa sylvatic (Black Gum)*
- Platanus occidentalis (American Sycamore)
- Platanus acerifolia (London Plane Tree)
- Pyrus c. 'Chanticleer' (Cleveland Select Pear)
- Quercus alba (White Oak)
- Quercus bicolor (Swamp White Oak)
- Quercus macrocarpa (Bur Oak)
- Quercus rubra (Red Oak)
- Syringa reticulata (Japanese Tree Lilac)*
- Syringa pekinensis (Peking Tree Lilac)*
- Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress)*
- Ulmus a. 'Valley Forge' (Valley Forge American Elm)


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