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Planting Instructions

For All Plants

Dig the hole twice as wide as the root ball. Check the depth by putting the plant in the hole (for smaller trees, shrubs, and perennials) or by using your shovel handle to measure and compare. Backfill halfway with excavated soil. Add root stimulator fertilizer and stomp down the soil to eliminate air pockets. Finish backfilling. Slowly water the new plant to soak the entire root ball.

For Balled & Burlapped Trees & Shrubs

Remove the twine and burlap from the top of the root ball. Push the burlap and the top portion of the wire basket down into the hole.

planting b&b tree
Planting a B&B tree - push down the wire basket and burlap from the top of the root ball

**Note** Volcano mulch is another reason for disease problems with plants. It holds moisture against the trunk or base of the plant causing canker, rot, and root issues.

Staking Trees

We recommend staking new trees for the first year. There are several different methods to staking trees, just remember to take the stakes off after a year. Leaving them on for too long will cause trunk damage and can kill the tree.

single stake tree

Single stake - wrap wire in an old section of hose and create a figure-eight to attach the tree to the stake. The top of the stake should point towards the southwest.
We use this method for single stem trees smaller than 3"

triple stake tree

Triple stake - Wrap wire through old sections of hose and secure around the trunk - above the lowest set of sturdy branches. One of the stakes should point towards the southwest.
We use this method for trees 3" or larger and for low branched trees that would be difficult to secure with a single stake.