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Hosta List

Please call for current availability. Varieties on this list are not guaranteed to be available at all times. Sizes are listed according to the American Hosta Society's standard sizes

Miniature Hostas :: 4-6" tall

Blue Mouse Ears :: Blue-green

Small Hostas :: 7-10" tall

Diamonds are Forever :: Wide, crisp white margins, with green center
High Society :: Narrow yellow with wide blue margin
Little Treasure :: Creamy white with blue-green margin
Mighty Mouse :: Grey-green with creamy margins, emerge blue with yellow

Medium Hostas :: 11-18" tall

Abiqua Drinking Gourd :: Blue-green
Alligator Alley :: Chartreuse Center with wide blue-green margins
American Hero :: White with dark green margin
Autumn Frost :: Blue with yellow margins
Blueberry Muffin :: Blue changing to green late in the season
Clovelly :: Green
Dancing Queen :: Bright yellow with pie crust ruffled edges
Deja Blue :: Blue-green with cream and yellow margin
Diamond Tiara :: Medium green with crisp white edges, small leaves
Dream Weaver :: Wide blue-green margin with white centers, rounded
Fire Island :: Chartreuse
First Frost :: Powder blue with creamy white margin
Golden Tiara :: Medium green with chartreuse margin
Halcyon :: Frosty blue-green
Irish Luck :: Glossy, rippled green, upright vase shape
Island Breeze :: Wide green margins with bright yellow center
June :: Chartreuse with wide blue-green margin
Loyalist :: White with dark green margin
Minuteman :: Dark green with wide white margins

Night Before Christmas :: Creamy white with dark green margin
Old Glory :: Golden yellow center with irregular 1" dark green margin
Plantaginea :: Light green
Prairie Moon :: Bright yellow with wavy margins, white underside, red petioles
Prairie Sky :: Powdery blue, lightly cupped
Praying Hands :: Dark green with thin gold margin. 2011 Hosta of the Year
Remember Me :: Yellow with dark green margin - Supports the fight against Breast Cancer
Rhino Hide :: Light green center with wide blue margin, cupped and puckered

Rubbies & Ruffles :: Heavily rippled, green with white margins
Stained Glass :: Gold with dark green margin
Touch of Class :: Blue margins, chartreuse to yellow centers and green jetting
Undulata Albomarginata :: Medium green with white margin
Whee! :: Green center with creamy margin, wavy foliage
Wolverine :: Blue green with wide gold margin

Large Hostas :: 19-28" tall

August Moon :: Chartreuse
Big Daddy :: Chalky blue, puckered, large, thick leaves
Cool as a Cucumber :: Clear white center with brigth green margin
Crowned Imperial :: Green with creamy white margin
Earth Angel :: Blue with white margin
Fortunei Aureo Marginata :: Spinach green with golden yellow margin
Frances Williams :: Blue-green with a wide chartreuse margin
Gold Standard :: Light green with dark green margin
Great Expectations :: Creamy yellow with a wide blue-green margin
Guacamole :: Apple green with dark green margin. Very fragrant white flower
Independence :: Dark green, white margins speckled with dark green
Key West :: Intense gold
Liberty :: Green, wide yellow margin
Montana Aureomarginata :: Dark green with gold margin
Neptune :: Blue, wedge-shaped leaves with rippled margins
Paradigm :: Gold with blue-green margins
Patriot :: Dark green with crisp white margins
Pauls Glory :: Chartreuse with blue-green margin
Queen of the Seas :: Blue
Revolution :: Dark green with cream center
Royal Standard :: Glossy green
Sagae :: Blue-green with creamy yellow margin
Sun Power :: Brilliant gold
Twilight :: Dark green wtih wide creamy margin
Wishing Well :: Beautiful blue, corrugated with cupped shaped

Giant Hostas :: over 28" tall

Blue Angel :: Blue-green
Blue Umbrella :: Blue
Empress Wu :: Dark green. The largest hosta in commerce!
Humpback Whale :: Blue-green with corrugated texture, heart shaped
Krossa Regal
:: Frosted grey-green, wavy, vase-like habit
Nigra Falls :: Dark green
Sum & Substance :: Light green


While we strive for complete and correct information, not all plants grow true to their form and can not be guaranteed to grow as described.
Plant availability subject to change. Please call for current availability.




Hosta Little Treasure

Little Treasure - Small
Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Hosta American Hero

American Hero - Medium
Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Neptune - Large
Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Empress Wu

Empress Wu - Giant
Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.