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Our History

Tom Oberhouse, owner of North Branch Nursery Inc., started the business in 1982. His first office was a 10 by 16 shed made out of dynamite boxes. That shed is still on the property today as a reminder of how far the business has expanded. Our new main office is located on our six acre retail Garden Center.

Today, Tom owns more than 300 acres featuring 300 varieties of trees and over 300 varieties of shrubs. North Branch Nursery grows over 20,000 perennials each year. We also carry a wide variety of new and unique plants. 21,000 trees were planted in our fields in the spring of 2006. Additionally, there are approximately 75,000 plants in container production. We currently maintain 42 houses for container shrubs and perennial production. Our trees and shrubs have been shipped to areas as far as Washington D.C. and South Dakota.

In addition to growing trees, North Branch Nursery, Inc. offers a full service Landscape design and installation division. The nursery employs approximately 50 full time employees March through December.

Our success is due not only to our customers, but the quality product our staff produces. We are very thankful to each of them for their hard work and dedication to North Branch.

Tom Oberhouse