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Wholesale Guidelines

North Branch Nursery, Inc. operates as a wholesale dealer of nursery stock and goods. We sell only to landscape and horticultural professionals on a pre-approved basis. All persons or businesses wanting to purchase from North Branch Nursery, Inc. must hold a current Nursery Dealers License from the Ohio Department of Agriculture. You can contact the wholesale department or click on the following link to obtain an application: (Choose "Plant Health" from the drop-down menu and scroll down to Nursery Dealer License).
Please do not send your customers to buy from our Garden Center expecting Wholesale prices, unless you or an approved buyer for your business* (see below) accompanies them. If this occurs, your customer will be charged Retail prices, and your wholesale status will be reviewed. North Branch Nursery, Inc. operates with separate Landscape, Retail and Wholesale departments.

We make every effort to protect our wholesale clients while operating our business ethically.
Our plant material availability changes daily. Heights and widths of listed plants are given only as a reference, as there are many conditional variations which affect growth and ultimate size.
If you have any questions or would like an application to obtain the Nursery Dealers License, please call 419-287-4679 and ask for Wholesale. You may also email us at our wholesale department.

Only the individuals listed under your Wholesale Account may purchase items for your business with Wholesale privilidges. Contact the office if you wish to add someone to your list of approved buyers on your wholesale account. You will be responsible for any charges accrued by the approved buyers listed.

North Branch Nursery and its personnel, as part of our service, are expected to load your purchased plants onto your truck/trailer, and assist you in taking protective measures. HOWEVER, tarps, burlap, rope or any forms of plant protective materials will not be provided by NBN. For your convenience, we have these items available to you for purchase.

PHONE, FAX and EMAIL orders and quote requests are welcome.

All sales are on a cash and carry basis or C.O.D. until credit has been established. For your convenience, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER credit cards.

We offer a 2% discount for all CASH orders paid at the time of pickup (sorry; credit and debit cards are not considered cash transactions.) Credit will be given upon completion of the necessary application and credit inquiries. For those who have established credit with us, the terms are net 30 days. A service fee of 2% of per month, (24% per year) will be charged on accounts past 30 days. Payments will be applied to service charges prior to invoces. In the event an account is referred to an attorney for collection, all cost of collection including attorney fees will be paid by purchaser.

Cancellation or return of ANY special order, including plant material that has been specifically dug for you or container stock, will result in a 20% restocking fee. This restocking fee must be paid at the time of cancellation or before any additional orders are pulled for you. Substantial cancellations may affect future orders. Any orders that have been cancelled within 5 days of the scheduled pick-up date are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Any plants unclaimed by the scheduled ship/pick-up date will be subject to restocking fee of 20%.


  1. any plant in the nursery may be selected, unless already tagged.
  2. If your tagged materials are to be picked up at a future date, we will provide tags for the item.
  3. A 20% non-refundable deposit will be required upon tagging. All tagged items must be picked up within 5 days unless other arrangements are made. AFTER 5 DAYS, PLANTS WILL BE UNTAGGED WITHOUT NOTICE TO CUSTOMER, with no refund for tagging fees or deposits.
  4. Tarps or any forms of plant protective materials will not be provided by NBN, except at an additional charge.

North Branch Nursery insures that all plants sold are in good healthy condition and true to name.
However, we do not guarantee the plants to grow, nor do we warrant specific results. CLAIMS for any reason must be made within 10 days of reciept of merchandise. We will allow credit for stock inspected by a certified North Branch Nursery technician and shown to be unsatisfactory before the 10-day period is up.  We will not be held responsible for more than the purchase price. We take no responsibility for any stock purchased and not cared for properly.

At the time of the pickup, both the customer and the NBN staff person who is loading the plant material will sign the loading slip agreeing that the plant material is as specified and in good condition. A copy will be offered to you for your records while we retain the original for invoicing purposes.

Arrangements must be made for receiving purchases dug from the field within 5 business days after North Branch Nursery informs the customer that the B&B materials are ready for transport. We will not be held responsible for the condition of any material dug for customers if it is not picked up within 5 days after notification that the plant material is ready. After 7 days there will be a charge of $0.50 per tree, per day, until the trees are picked up.

Shipping and delivery options are available at an additional charge. Please call the office for a quote.

Discounts are offered after one (1) calendar year for purchases made with all accounts kept current. Terms are cash or 30 days with approved credit, see above.

The following discount schedule is based on total dollars spent on live nursery stock the previous calendar year. Each purchase made in the second year is eligible for the discount as long as account is paid within 30 days. If invoice is not paid within 30 days, discount is ineligible and full payment of balance is expected.

  $5,000 – $10,000 ….......... 2%
$10,001 – $25,000 ….......... 5%
$25,001 – $40,000 ….......... 7%
$40,001 – $60,000 ….......... 9%
$60,001 – $80,000 …......... 12%

Quotes and Estimates are valid for 30 days. Forecasted Estimates are subject to changes. Price and availability of all stock offered in printed price lists are subject to change without notice. The most current price list cancels any previous price list. Prices at time of ordering will prevail.
Anyone wishing to personally select and tag plant material in the field may do so at an additional charge of 10%. CALL or check the website for information on available perennials.